We hire out professional translation equipment for conferences, events and meetings. Devs works with simultaneous interpretation equipment from Bosch , translations booths from audipack and Tour Guide System from sennheiser. We rent out true whole Europe simultaneous translation Equipment.


How Simultaneous Interpretation Works:

Simultaneous Interpretation: Imagine you are in a conference and the speaker is talking in French. Using a special set of headphones, you and other audience members are able to listen to a feed of an interpreter who is listening to the French being spoken (this is known as the floor language) and interpreting it into English. This has the advantage of not interrupting the flow of speech, but it requires a specialized set of equipment and a highly skilled interpreter (or pair of interpreters).

Floor Language: This is the language that your presenter or main speaker is talking in. The language that is being translated into is called the “target language” or “translation feed.”  There can be more than one target language depending on the complexity of your setup.

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